Which Facial Mask Is the Right One for Your Skin

unduhan (50)A hydrating mask is ideal for people with dry skin. It is packed with moisture and will leave your skin nourished and rejuvenated. Ingredients in a moisturizing mask may include vitamins, minerals and natural oils. Typically, this specific kind of mask is left on the skin for approximately 5-10 minutes before it is rinsed off. Some hydrating masks can also be used as an intensive overnight treatment. These are packed with moisture revealing smooth, supple and refreshed skin.

Dead skin cells and dirt can clog pores and cause acne breakouts and blemishes. It can also cause your skin to become dull and uneven. An exfoliating mask can help prevent this to happen as it clears away oil and impurities. You will, however want to choose the right mask that suits your skin type. A person with oily acne-prone skin will likely want a clay mask fortified with salicylic acid to help dry acne. For dry skin, a mask that is creamy containing natural oils would be best. As for normal skin, a combination of both would be suitable. Whatever your skin type, you will want to exfoliate to

How to Get Lustrous Hair

1183784638In a world of flat irons, hot combs, curling irons and every other straightening tool in between, it’s extremely refreshing when a new product comes along that can instantly make your life easier. And Apalus has come up with a new hair gadget that does just that. Why comb your hair straight when you can easily achieve the same results with a brush? That’s right, the straightening brush adds a new dimension to hair care and grooming.

What Does It Do?

This digital brush offers all of the convenience of a flat iron while doing away with your need to comb your hair during the process. Its bristles are evenly spaced out so as to allow you to manipulate, detangle and straighten hair all at the same time. This tool is versatile and is said to work with every type of hair texture. You simply plug it into the wall, allow it to heat up to the temperature you need and it will straighten hair in under two seconds.


One of its best features is that it

Organic Ingredients and Skin Care Products

unduhan (59)Organic is everywhere, products using this word can be found in and out of the kitchen. A trip to the grocery store reveals that this mysterious term is prevalent and found on packaging for all types of products: meets, dairy, fruits, cereals and even cosmetics.

In the early 1990’s the term organic was in its infancy. Today it is embedded into the marketplace and there are many federal laws governing the organic term and the use of its labeling. In the U.S. there are three main federal agencies that reside over the use and labeling of the organic term. The first agency, United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) has jurisdiction over the definition of the term organic. Frequently used is the NOP acronym which is the National Organic Program. The second agency is the Food Drug Administration (FDA) which governs the use of labeling. The third agency is the Federal Trade Commission. They are usually involved in labeling, miss-advertising and intent to fraud cases.

Unfortunately, the term organic has gained popularity and is thrown around in marketing campaigns and printed on labels without explanation. This leaves individuals

Get All Focus On Your Eyes With These Easy Tips

hqdefaultDon’t you love it when you get compliments? Did you recently like an eye makeup so much that you couldn’t look away? Want to know more about the secrets behind that mesmerizing look? When it comes to makeup application, every girl wants to know how to look like a diva. Here are a few tips and tricks to make you shine like a star.

Contrasting Eye Shadow

Instead of picking up a neutral palette of eye shadows, consider going in for a shade that contrast your eye colour. This will really help the colour to pop out. In simple words, it can be said that you are going with an eye shadow that is opposite of your eye colour. You can pick up a colour by looking at the colour wheel. For instance; if you have hazel eyes, you can go in with a colour having a hint of purple or rose and if you are blue eyed beauty, you can go in with shades of orange like copper.

Keep the Brow Bone In Mind

While doing eye

10 Makeup Tricks You Need to Know

unduhan (58)1: Covering dark circles

Using an under-eye treatment rich in antioxidants is the most essential part in concealing the dark circles. It brightens your eyes and fights inflammation. Keep it for some time after applying so that the skin absorbs it. Then apply a moisturizing concealer under your eyes covering it up to the lash line.

2: Be primer smart

Smashbox Anti-Shine is the best primer which retains the makeup for a long time. Applying makeup without primer is like a cake without icing. You can apply it on your lips as a base to prevent bleeding and to make the lipstick last. For full pouty lips user primer slightly outside your lip line. It give a much better look than lip liners.

3: Choose the correct foundation

Moisturizer won’t work on your skin if you are 40 or older. Picking up the right foundation for yourself is essential. Foundation and concealer are used more intensely to look your skin bright in case you like in the above age category as your skin will have to come up to the right tone. Therefore you

How to Make Your Real Human Hair Extensions Last Longer

78632742Investing in a set of hair extensions can truly transform your appearance, giving thick, full hair where there wasn’t before. For this reason, this kind of treatment is becoming increasingly popular with women who have naturally thin and fine hair, and want to remedy that.

There are a number of different types of hair extensions available on the market, specifically including synthetic and human hair extensions. The latter is a very popular choice, as it gives the most natural looking finish and can be treated and styled just like a your natural head of hair – because it too is natural.

Although this type of treatment can look great, it is also a real investment of money, with the most upmarket salons offering the best treatments for hundreds of pounds. With this in mind, it is absolutely essential to look after your real human hair extensions in a very particular way to make sure that they last as long as possible.

It should be noted, however, that one of the top pieces of advice from

The Things That People Loathe About Makeup

6826274-makeup-wallpaperIt isn’t hard to see why there is currently a movement that is emphasizing natural beauty without makeup. Lots of people seem to be getting sick of makeup. Many men don’t want to have to wear it themselves, many men don’t like to see women wearing makeup, and many women are sick of wearing it. This shouldn’t be surprising, given the 15 things girls HATE about makeup!

For on thing, it is difficult to get makeup perfectly even and symmetrical. One eye is always going to come out different from the other eye, which is going to be tough for anyone who is a perfectionist. For another thing, makeup is extremely time-consuming to apply and to remove. It seems to take endless wipes for the makeup to come off entirely. Makeup is designed to last a long time throughout the day, so of course it is going to be a mess to remove at the end of the day. Some women will spend two hours every morning applying makeup, and having to remove it at the end

Top 5 Beauty Tips On A Budget

unduhan (57)These days we spend more money on how we look, and what we want to look like, instead of the essential things in life, like food, rent, and bills. Let’s face it, we all love looking our best, which is why I decided to do a write up of my top 5 tried and tested beauty tips on a budget.

What you need to know: I think it is very important to watch which chemicals you are putting into your body. A lot of products these days are filled with harmful toxins, that are detrimental to your health. So all my tips below include products that are either natural or organic.

Making your eyelashes grow

Every night before you go to bed, take an ear bud, dip it into a bottle of Castor Oil, and apply a thin layer onto the eyelid. Be careful not to apply too much, you don’t want the oil to run into your eyes. The castor oil promotes strong luscious lashes.

A nourishing hair treatment

Once a week, massage Olive Oil into the roots of your hair, and sleep

Essential Beauty Products for Every College Going Girl

Beauty-EssentialsGuys, we all know that our college session is the best time ever in our life. This is the time of making awesome friends, exciting crushes, outing with friends, bunking classes and of course studying too! Well, being a girl, you obviously want to look your best but on your affordable budget and you don’t want to compromise also. Thus, in this article, I am going to help you look awesome by giving some basic beauty essentials which you need to apply daily. Trust me guys, you will look fantastic even after chatting with friends or after late night studies and even after a long time phone call also. Below I have listed some beauty products which you need to apply everyday to look more beautiful:

1. A Refreshing Cleanser:

Using an oil-free cleanser is really required for every college-going girl. The college years pass with horrific pimple and acne problems. If you have naturally an awesome skin, then you are definitely blessed. Else, you should start your day with a refreshing cleanser to make your skin fresh throughout

How to Straighten Hair Without Heat or Chemicals

unduhan (56)Straight hair without heat seems to be an understatement, especially for women who love the pampering comfort of salons. We learned from hair experts that certain chemicals and hair styling equipments can give us flawlessly beautiful straight hair. On the contrary, we are also aware that excessive hair styling and heat can cause damage to our beloved tresses. But don’t fret, because there are tons of natural ways to get straight hair without heat nor harsh chemicals.

Straight hair is an all time favorite among us women. We go to salons, spending lots of dollars and long hours, in hopes of achieving those luscious locks that we adore from models on TV for shampoo and hair product commercials. The idea of hair stylists pampering your mane sounds inviting (and relaxing). But before rushing to your next salon visit, do you know that there are easier and less costly means of how to straighten hair without leaving the incomparable comfort of your home? You heard it right, they are just waiting to be discovered!

To save you from the hassle of an expensive procedure for straight hair, we

4 Makeup Brush Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

unduhan (55)For centuries women have been using cosmetic brushes in applying their makeup. While this has been the case, studies show that many women make mistakes with their brushes. Here are some of the mistakes and how to fix them:

Using the wrong brush

This is a common mistake made by over 70% of women. While most women do it out of ignorance, some do it due to haste of getting the work done. Not using a brush for its intended use not only results to poor makeup application, it also puts your brush at the risk of getting damaged. To avoid this, use brushes for their labeled uses.

Not cleaning the brushes often enough

When is the last time that you cleaned your brushes? While studies show that most people are aware that they should clean their brushes, few people clean them properly or often enough. The length of time that you should take to clean your brush should depend on how often you use it. If you use it every day, clean it at the end of the week.

In-between deep cleaning, experts

Repair Beauty, Hair and Health Issues Without Chemicals

unduhan (54)My primary health journey go to products were MSM, coconut oil, jojoba oil and safflower oil. But, I began exploring with many other natural products as well. I consistently mixed ingredients attempting to create the perfect product. I completely stopped using over the counter medications.

I am a mom to 3 little girls and my youngest baby developed eczema. After several trips to the pediatrician with no luck, I decided to try coconut and jojoba oil on her skin. After a few days, my little one was no longer itching. My only regret is why I didn’t try this first.

My oldest daughter developed a mild acne issue during her pre-teen years. Guess what mommy did? I mixed up a Vitamin C and Witch hazel wash and a coconut oil and jojoba oil moisturizer mix. My daughter’s skin cleared completely.

I, myself, had been feeling a little lethargic. So, I decided to mix up MSM in about a cup of water. I added vitamin C for the taste and to increase absorbency. MSM has powerful cleansing abilities. After about a week, my energy level had surpassed

Revealed The Beauty Secret to More Radiant, Youthful, and Beautiful Skin

5-Ways-To-Look-Radiant,-Energized-and-More-Awake-With-Makeup1Wouldn’t you love to use fewer creams, wear less foundation, or better yet, feel beautiful without a dab of make-up? Finally, scientists are discovering more about nature’s greatest beauty secrets to give you the results you’re looking for. Prevent wrinkles and premature aging; enjoy soft, smooth, glowing skin; fight gravity and defend against wrinkles; promote elasticity to keep skin firm; balance hormones for a healthier you. When you use Essential Oils, you are taking care of yourself in a healthy way, not just covering imperfections or temporarily plumping your skin. We all want glowing skin… but how do you get gorgeous skin?

It didn’t take long to discover that I had been wasting money on dangerous and ineffective over-the-counter skin creams. Worse yet was to discover these creams were toxic cocktails that accelerated aging. Most women are clueless and allowing themselves to be fooled by the multi-million dollar beauty industry. This discovery encouraged me to write this article, to reveal the shocking truth about what women are putting on their faces and bodies.

What are you putting on your face

5 Benefits Of Cleaning Makeup Brushes

unduhan (53)If you have makeup brushes you should clean them regularly. Here are the benefits of doing so:

You prevent break outs

Since the brushes are dirty, they most likely have plenty of bacteria and dirt. When you use them to apply makeup they spread the dirt and bacteria on your face thus blocking your pores. Blocked pores mean that your skin can’t breathe properly and as result you have break outs. The brushes might also harbor bacteria that might irritate your skin resulting to pimples.

You save money

As a makeup enthusiast you know that high quality brushes don’t come cheap. If you didn’t know, by cleaning makeup brushes you keep them in shape. Cleaning also prolongs the life of the brushes. This means that when you fail cleaning your units you shorten the life of the brushes and as a result you have to go to the stores to buy new ones every now and then, which is expensive.

You ensure that you have high quality makeup

The reason why you are applying makeup is because you want to look good. Unfortunately

Nail Polish Removers, Bad or Good For Health?

polishWhile people started to colour their nails since far back as 3000 BC, by using the pigment of plants and flowers, the polish itself and polish removers were an offshoot of the invention of automotive paint in the 1920s. In today’s world removers are made up mainly of a solvent needed to dissolve the resins in polish like acetone, methyl acetate. These chemicals have many other uses, you can find them in paint, dry-erase markers, glue and nail polish. All this three are permitted in Canada, The USA and the European Union. And the main news is that all three acetone is used most frequently in polish removers.

About 20 years ago, scientists formulated new solvents and started marketing removers labelled non-acetone so some people started to think that acetone was toxic. But the reality is different. Acetone is present in the human body and has been mass produced by scientists for nearly 150 years. Truly, there is no scientific basis to prove acetone is more dangerous than the alternative solvents. Even according to the world’s largest manufacturers of nail products, acetone is one of the safest solvents other

5 Greatest Beauty Products to Maintain a Healthy Glow From Head to Toe

unduhan (52)1. Mild cleansers

Women know how important it is to cleanse, especially the face after a day’s work. Dirt is one of the skin’s worst enemies as it blocks pores and causes those zits that take days to disappear. You can choose among several but it is a must that you find gentle which will cleanse your skin but not irritate it. Popular choices are Cetaphil and Dove’s Facial cleanser. It cleans up your skin without making it feel tight and dry.

2. Moisturizers

Keeping your skin hydrated is as important as cleansing it. which help in locking moisture in the skin are very helpful because the skin is prone to dryness and flaking. Whenever your skin’s moisture evaporate due to temperature and humidity, it is best to hydrate it right away to prevent it from further damage. include finding the right moisturizer for your type of skin, consider if you have oily or dry skin because this affects the product’s effectiveness. Moisturizers are best applied after bathing.

3. Sunblock

Oh yes, as climate change

Best Ways To Repair Your Broken or Split Nails

unduhan (51)Use Crazy Glue

These glues can be used to a split in your nails, or you can use to re-affix a broken off one. Use sparingly, as this glue makes a bond instantly and drips will harden into bumps on your nail. But you should remember that this active chemical can make your nails surface weak so apply carefully and avoid any unnecessary split into the surface of the nail. You can use a small amount to break, wiping the excess glue off by using a good quality remover if possible. If the broken part of the nail is getting separate from the base, slowly lift the broken part of the nail by using an orange stick and then apply the glue slowly to the both inside edges of the nail and then press the two peace’s together.

Special Mender Procedure

For most split and breaks it is strongly recommended the following method. It will work the best for you. You can go through the crazy glue or not; it depends on how bad the split or break is and how much extensive works your hands

The Properties And Benefits Of Argan Oil

dccf78b4d8c55d8172db06095ba1cee0There are so many different lotions and potions available to care for your hair and skin these days that it’s difficult to choose the right one. If you take a trip into your local drugstore, you will be greeted by row after row of shelves full of various products, all promising to work wonders and create miracles. I think really the only way to find out which products are right for you is to experiment and try for yourself. One of my favourites that I’ve been using for a while now is argan oil.

Sometimes referred to as ‘liquid gold’, it is a natural product, extracted from the kernels of the argan tree which is native to Morocco. It is often used as a moisturiser as well as in products to care for your hair. This is due to the fact that the oil has a high nutrient content and is rich in fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamin E which is vital for healthy skin and hair. It is also renowned for making hair soft, silky and shiny and to help

The Benefits of Using the Gentle Magic Skin Care Range

GentleMagic01Why would you want to buy a specific skin care product? Maybe it’s because it tightens your skin or keeps it hydrated. Here are the benefits of using Gentle Magic Skin Care.

Gentle Magic Skin Care is an affordable range of products that enhances the skin on your face. The product is light enhancing and should be used if your dermatologist recommends it especially if you suffer from darkness of the skin, such as dark spots, it would be advisable to use it.

Gentle Magic Skin Care targets impurities of the face. The chemicals in it break down the bacteria and in only one day you would be able to see the difference. It is gentle on your skin yet it is tough on impurities.

This range of creams opens up the pores of the face thus making it easier to disinfect the harmful bacteria that can hectically damage the skin permanently. It increases circulation which makes the skin able to heal itself quicker.

This particular range works as an on-going treatment. You should use it regularly because the chemical doesn’t react properly when it is

The Hair Glitter Trend Is Going Strong

elite-daily-glitter-hairBe it in clothes or hairstyles, the trend of the hour is bold, bright and glitzy colors and effects. Keeping in line with this trend, many women are adding swathes of color and sparkle to their hair. This glitter trend emerged in 2015 and soon proved to be more than just a passing one. It’s now common to see women (and some men) sporting glitter in their hair. Those who have raven black or platinum blond hair are able to carry off glitter very well, and the effect is dramatic, to say the least.

Different glitter looks

    • Many women that come to hair salon for hair glitter applications prefer a wet-look, scraped back hairstyle and hair stylists recommend this for women who have short or long hair. It’s glamorous and the silver shimmer adds a pop to the hair.
    • Another trend that is proving to be very popular is the deep-set side parting. Adding some glitter to this style lends it a very unique twist.
    • We also suggest another stunning effect; you can pair a side